MMSI Radio License – for VHF, AIS, Radar and EPIRB

  • Every boat has to have by law a valid MMSI / Radio License onboard. We can arrange your UK MMSI / Radio license when applying for the UK flag registration. The MMSI license covers the VHF Radio, radar, AIS, epirb, transponder & radar and assigns the numbers needed to operate correctly.

  • We can arrange a UK MMSI radio license for our clients. The cost is cost £135,- in combination with any flag registration or £175,- if you order it alone.

Required Documents:

What type of VHF you have on board and what is its power (for example, 25 W).

If you have more equipment on board such as ATIS, EPIRB or any other, please indicate so. If you have an EPIRB, we need to know the following:

  • Hexadecimal identification (15 digits)
  • Type of beacon
  • Beacon manufacturer
  • Serial number of the beacon

We also need to know the maximum number of passengers allowed on board, as well as the displacement in KG of the boat.

You must also provide us with the details of an emergency contact person. Please note that he / she cannot be the same as in the registration document.

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